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Forest-Vill Kft. has won a public tender for the planning of high-capacity electricity storage facilities.

In the Southern Great Plain region, the planning of high-capacity energy storage facilities is about to begin, which, when operational, will mark another milestone in increasing the share of renewable electricity generation in Hungary. Forest-Vill Kft., based in Budaörs, won the public tender of MVM Démász Áramhálózati Kft. for the planning of the energy storage facilities. The energy storage facilities, which will be built on the basis of technical plans to be completed by spring 2024, will play a key role in creating the technical conditions for integrating new solar power plants into the system, allowing a reduction of fossil energy use.

Forest-Vill Kft. has won the tender for the planning of energy storage equipment for two medium-voltage lines of MVM Démász Áramhálózati Ltd. The HUF 131 million project is for the planning of energy storage facilities on the 22 kV lines connecting Kiskunfélegyháza with Kiskunmajsa and Szabadszállás with Izsák, and is preparatory to an investment involving 6 electricity companies and MAVIR, with a total estimated value of HUF 33 billion. Within the framework of the contract, the Budaörs-based company will undertake the planning of the licensing and construction processes and technical specifications for storage facilities with a total capacity of 5 MW / 10 MWh planned for the last third of medium-voltage power lines. In addition, during the subsequent works, the company will provide professional support to the contracting authority to ensure that any changes that may arise during the construction are smoothly resolved.

In the course of the project, the IT platform for the central control of the energy storage facilities will also be built, which will be used for one-stop data collection, data reporting, monitoring and data management.

“One of today’s biggest challenges in the energy sector is energy storage, the solution to integrate more and more weather-dependent green power plants using renewable energy sources into the grid. There is no question that the development of the domestic electricity grid is essential for this. Forest-Vill is now actively involved in optimising domestic networks from design to implementation. By winning the tender of MVM Démász, we can take another step towards the modernisation of electricity not only in the municipalities around Kecskemét, but in the whole country”

– said Csaba Németh, Managing Director of Forest-Vill Kft.

Forest-Vill has seen dynamic growth in recent years. Today, in addition to the construction of substations, the company can also build large-capacity solar farms, from design to full construction, primarily relying on its own pool of experts. This is not the first time Forest-Vill has worked in the Southern Great Plain region. This year, the company completed the construction of the 48 megawatt solar power plant in Kiskunhalas, which will soon be connected to the grid.

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