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Planning and construction of

electric power system facilities.

Installation across the whole country

Forest-Vill provides an outstanding, reliable service in planning, engineering and construction of electric power system facilities and in related project management across Hungary.

Our services


Electricity, a fundamental need in our daily lives, is distributed and transformed through electricity substations. One of our main activities is the construction and redevelopment of high-voltage electrical substations, which play a key role in the supply of electricity, from design to delivery. Our projects cover the whole territory of Hungary.

  • Complete structural engineering of substations
  • Construction and redevelopment of switchgear and control gear and transformer bases
  • Structural engineering of control building
  • Installation of high voltage transformers (400/120 kV, 220/120 kV)
  • Transportation and installation of electrical equipment for substations
  • Electrical engineering, primary and secondary cable laying, cable installation and cable measuring services
  • Transport and installation of protection and control systems
  • Assembly, installation and wiring of indoor and outdoor distribution boards
  • Diagnostics, complete commissioning
  • Turnkey construction of HV substations
MACS Debrecen and Mezőcsát Substations

HV Networks

Forest-Vill offers turnkey solutions for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of high voltage networks (cable and overhead). Our company carries out cable and overhead line tasks in the network areas at 132 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV voltage levels.

Our specialists work with up-to-date knowledge and the most modern equipment and machinery with the lowest possible environmental impact.

We have national certification for transmission and main distribution networks.

  • Complete planning of networks
  • Construction of new transmission lines
  • Maintenance and operation of existing transmission lines
  • Redevelopment
Tiszalök-Nyíregyháza 132 kV transmission line insulation and protective conductor replacement

LV-MV Distribution Network

In addition to generating electricity, it is equally important to transport and distribute it to the end user. Our business unit plans and constructs low and medium voltage networks (0.4 kV to 35 kV) across Hungary. In addition to executing the construction, our services include preparing design documentation, obtaining the necessary permits and materials, and managing the entire technical delivery process.

Our highly experienced designers, project managers and installation engineers are able to carry out both sub-tasks and turnkey projects, be it street lighting or any other low and medium voltage power supply project.

Compliance with all applicable national and international standards and regulations is key to all aspects of our work. During both the design and installation phases, we focus on the needs of our clients and work closely with them to shape and develop the project.

We execute each job to the consistently high standards of excellence for which we are known.

  • Installation of LV/MV transformer stations
  • Medium voltage network construction (overhead line, underground cable)
  • Low voltage network construction (overhead line, underground cable)
  • Construction of space and street lighting
2017-2020 ÉMÁSZ redevelopment in Lőrinci

Industrial Services

We have built our industrial portfolio on Forest-Vill’s extensive market knowledge and the outstanding expertise of our employees. Keeping up with the technological changes in the industrial segment, continuously adapting new solutions and the commitment of our employees are the keys to our success in this area as well.

Our industrial portfolio is tailored to the specific needs of our customers and covers everything from consulting and design, through analysis and construction, to the operation and maintenance of facilities.

Main services:

  • Design, construction and installation of protection and control systems
  • Enhancing the safety and reliability of energy systems
  • Short-circuit calculation
  • Protection parameterisation
  • Revision of network structure
  • Energy efficiency consultancy and support
  • Electrical works for industrial installations
  • Extension and modernisation of existing low and medium voltage electrical networks
  • Diagnostics and network analysis of low and medium voltage equipment
  • Maintenance and repair of low and medium voltage equipment
  • Assembly of low and medium voltage equipment
  • Refurbishment of electrical equipment in industrial plants and facilities
  • Operation of industrial plants and solar parks
  • Construction of solar power plants
  • Modernisation of existing energy systems through the application of smart solutions
  • Installation of digital systems
  • Data analysis, evaluation and preparation of proposals
  • Evaluation of disturbance records
  • Installation of consumption meters, evaluation and analysis of the data extracted
  • Installation of monitoring systems (SCADA): protection, thermal sensors, data loggers, other sensors
  • Operation of monitoring systems, technical support for operators
  • Remote monitoring with 24-hour service
Installation of Theia solar park in Mezőcsát

International Trade Department

With decades of experience in general contracting, construction, engineering, and project management, Forest-Vill expands all of its activities:

  • beyond the borders, within Europe: Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, etc.;
  • thanks to the international relations of foreign (South Korean, Chinese, etc.) companies in their activities in Hungary;
  • in the Middle East, mainly in the main business of turnkey projects. A striking example of this is our return to the traditional Arab market of Ganz Transelektro: we are currently carrying out the refurbishment, maintenance, and repair work of a large number of substations (400/300/132 kV) built by Ganz and its legal predecessors in Kuwait. Due to our previous field experience, we have the opportunity to carry out such activities in Iraq, Oman and other Middle Eastern countries.
Kuwait – Ahmadi A station extension

Energy Storage

Energy storage technologies are a key in the rise of renewable energy production.

Achieving sustainability targets and protecting our environment requires the construction of large-scale solar and wind power generation facilities. However, since these installations only make intermittent power generation possible, it is indispensable to build energy storage facilities that allow the energy which is produced but not used to be stored with high efficiency for later delivery to consumers. These solutions can also ensure grid balancing for the system operator company MAVIR Zrt., thus helping to increase security of supply.

Our experienced and highly qualified team of professionals is at the disposal of customers for the preparation and implementation of energy storage projects.

  • Preparing projects: participation in business plan development, project scaling and simulation of operations.
  • Planning projects: preparation of concept plans, as well as electrical, licensing, and construction plans.
  • Keeping close contact with potential manufacturers: preparation of technological specifications, requests for proposals and negotiating procurement contracts.
  • Executing the preparation and construction works: installation of energy storage facilities and the ancillary infrastructure necessary for their operation and management, and the design and construction of grid connection works.
  • Carrying out necessary interventions during the maintenance and warranty period in the shortest possible time.

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