The Company

The Company

Our company was founded in 2015 by Hungarian private individuals. Although the company is young, its team of professionals has decades of experience in design, engineering, construction, commissioning, special engineering services and project management as well. We are developing dynamically and increasing our staff number and assets continuously.

Our main business activity is, besides the industrial energy supply and distribution, the reconstruction and construction of High Voltage (HV) / Medium Voltage (MV) substations, HV/MV transformer stations and HV/MV/LV networks.

Our portfolio is continuously expanding with the project management and construction of solar parks to keep up with the times.

We believe a project to be successful if the final result satisfies our Client. For this purpose our professionals attend continuous trainings and team-building trainings. The close communication between project managers and contractors guarantees high quality.



If you appreciate professional work, please put your trust in us and contact us.