Forest-Vill, a major player in the Hungarian energy sector, started the year with an increase in technical and human resources. The company took over new employees, machines and equipment from Sziget-Com Ltd. to support further development and expansion.

Forest-Vill has significantly expanded its asset park. The company has taken over several vehicles and equipment, including crane lorries, trucks, low-bed trailers and team vehicles from Sziget-Com Ltd., so that the company now has around 500 machines and equipment of its own.

Forest-Vill also added six new employees to its team, who joined the company from Sziget-Com Ltd., which is under liquidation. The company, which specialises in electrical work, signed five fitters and one site foreman at the beginning of 2022 to work on projects related to Forest-Vill’s High Voltage Networks (NAF) business unit, providing architectural expertise. The new colleagues started work at the beginning of the year and are currently involved in a transmission line construction project linked to the industrial park in Komárom, where they are assisting in the process of building 12 kilometres of new lines.

The large-scale development is a major step forward for the company, as the expanded equipment base and the increased number of employees will allow the replacement of subcontractors, thus increasing Forest-Vill’s stability in the market.

In connection with the expansion, Csaba Németh, the managing director of Forest-Vill said that the continuous increase of the pool of experts and the machine park is essential for an effective professional construction. He added that the expansion of capacity, both in terms of employees and equipment, will help the company to reduce the outsourcing of parts of projects to subcontractors, thus strengthening Forest-Vill’s market position and increasing its stability and competitiveness. At the same time, the expansion also strengthens cost efficiency, as the company is less exposed to subcontractors’ work when fulfilling orders, which is also a huge advantage in meeting deadlines.