The Forest-Vill Ltd. played a key role in the construction of the newly established substation. The company, founded in 2015, did not stop working during the epidemic period either, as the energy sector demands the system security even in the most difficult times.

Forest-Vill participated in the construction of the newly built 400/132 kV Buj MAVIR substation, the company completed the primary installation of the complete 132 kV open space. In connection with the large-scale project, the company installed 400 meters of pipe rail and 3,600 meters of wire and was responsible for putting 66 different 132 kV devices on the base.

One of Forest-Vill’s key strategic goals is the gradual expansion of the organization, as a result of which the company has a significant staff now. Thanks to its skilled workforce, the Forest-Vill Ltd. has successfully accomplished the challenge of constructing the substation.