From June 2021 the company will be involved in the construction of a 132 kV transmission line, which will be built as part of the Gyermely substation.

Forest-Vill Ltd. is responsible for the construction of the “T” connection of the Bicske-Dél-Dorog 132 kV transmission line as part of the Gyermely 132/22 kV substation under construction.

In the course of the ongoing project, the company will build 12 supportig pillars and 3 tension pillars from the two-system OROSZLÁNY-E pillar family on the line to be established. Forest-Vill Ltd. also places 4 saker falcon nest boxes on the colonnade, which primarily promote the ecesis of falcons. The two-system transmission line will be equipped with one system during construction and Forest-Vill will use a composite insulator chain and an ACSR 250/40 mm2 phase conductor.