Forest-Vill has signed a commitment agreement with Schneider Electric, an international leader in energy management. As a result of the cooperation, Forest-Vill has become a member of the EcoXpert Partner program, a global trademark brand registered by Schneider Electric. The partnership provides significant benefits to the member companies as well as their customers.

By launching this global initiative, which currently involves around 4,000 companies in 74 countries, Schneider Electric’s main goal was to make cooperation with its certified partners even more efficient and profitable, while bringing together recognized experts with outstanding competencies from its member companies. With the EcoXpert trademark, Schneider Electric recognizes the contribution of member companies’ experts in building innovative solutions and providing services in the field of energy management, whether in aspect of control, comfort or energy efficiency.

Participation in the program is a significant contribution to the partners’ market presence, the provision of customer-oriented solutions, the development of sales and technical skills of their employees, the building of partnerships and professional growth, among other things.

The cooperation also brings numerous benefits to the customers of member companies: it provides core competencies validated and supported by a global program, a full range of integrated solutions, and a level of reliability and expertise, where high-quality customer service is a priority.

“We are extremely proud to have been included in Schneider Electric’s partner program. I believe that being part of the EcoXpert program not only offers additional opportunities, but is also a professional recognition and strengthening Forest-Vill’s position in the market.” – said József Tóth, Director of Industrial Services of Forest-Vill Ltd. in connection with the program.