Forest-Vill is participating in the replacement of the insulation and protective conductor of the 132 kV transmission line established on the Tiszalök-Nyíregyháza line.

E-ON Tiszántúli Áramhálózati Zrt., the client of the project, has entrusted Forest-Vill Kft. in connection with the Tiszalök – Nyíregyháza 132 kV transmission line project.

The order consists of two parts. On the one hand, our the company is replacing the ACIII cable type 50 mm2 conductor with an ACSR 50/30 mm2 conductor for a total length of nearly 31,000 km of track. In addition, on the 132 kV transmission line the company is replacing the chains of ES3-A porcelain insulators with composite insulators. The works involved a total of 18 tensioners and 101 supporting pieces for two substations.

Proper condition and continuous maintenance of the protective conductor is essential for transmission lines, as it performs several key functions, including lightning protection of the transmission line, reducing earthing resistance and ensuring communication between substations.