Technical planning of energy storage facilities in the Great Plain starts

Forest-Vill Kft. has won a public tender for the planning of high-capacity electricity storage facilities.

In the Southern Great Plain region, the planning of high-capacity energy storage facilities is about to begin, which, when operational, will mark another milestone in increasing the share of renewable electricity generation in Hungary. Forest-Vill Kft., based in Budaörs, won the public tender of MVM Démász Áramhálózati Kft. for the planning of the energy storage facilities. The energy storage facilities, which will be built on the basis of technical plans to be completed by spring 2024, will play a key role in creating the technical conditions for integrating new solar power plants into the system, allowing a reduction of fossil energy use.

Forest-Vill Kft. has won the tender for the planning of energy storage equipment for two medium-voltage lines of MVM Démász Áramhálózati Ltd. The HUF 131 million project is for the planning of energy storage facilities on the 22 kV lines connecting Kiskunfélegyháza with Kiskunmajsa and Szabadszállás with Izsák, and is preparatory to an investment involving 6 electricity companies and MAVIR, with a total estimated value of HUF 33 billion. Within the framework of the contract, the Budaörs-based company will undertake the planning of the licensing and construction processes and technical specifications for storage facilities with a total capacity of 5 MW / 10 MWh planned for the last third of medium-voltage power lines. In addition, during the subsequent works, the company will provide professional support to the contracting authority to ensure that any changes that may arise during the construction are smoothly resolved.

In the course of the project, the IT platform for the central control of the energy storage facilities will also be built, which will be used for one-stop data collection, data reporting, monitoring and data management.

“One of today's biggest challenges in the energy sector is energy storage, the solution to integrate more and more weather-dependent green power plants using renewable energy sources into the grid. There is no question that the development of the domestic electricity grid is essential for this. Forest-Vill is now actively involved in optimising domestic networks from design to implementation. By winning the tender of MVM Démász, we can take another step towards the modernisation of electricity not only in the municipalities around Kecskemét, but in the whole country”

– said Csaba Németh, Managing Director of Forest-Vill Kft.

Forest-Vill has seen dynamic growth in recent years. Today, in addition to the construction of substations, the company can also build large-capacity solar farms, from design to full construction, primarily relying on its own pool of experts. This is not the first time Forest-Vill has worked in the Southern Great Plain region. This year, the company completed the construction of the 48 megawatt solar power plant in Kiskunhalas, which will soon be connected to the grid.


Forest-Vill's revenue exceeds HUF 20 billion in 2022

The energy company closed last year with another record

In 2022, Forest-Vill Ltd. closed the most successful year of its history with a revenue of more than 20 billion forints. Exceeding its 2021 revenue by 33 per cent, the dynamically developing player in the Hungarian energy sector exceeded the previously highest financial result ,. After successful domestic projects, the company is now seeking new business opportunities on the international market, especially in the Middle East.

The turnover of Budaörs-based Forest-Vill exceeded 20 billion HUF, according to the 2022 financial statement. This is a 33 percent increase compared to the record revenue of 13 billion in 2021. High-Voltage Substation Division and the Industrial Division accounted for the largest share of sales, contributing 14.3 billion forint to the record revenue, thanks, for example, to the company's work on the development of the electricity supply infrastructure for one of Hungary's largest industrial projects, BMW's factory on the outskirts of Debrecen. The contract, worth approximately HUF 800 million, was completed in record speed, in about 8 months.

Additionally, one of the main drivers of Forest-Vill's development in 2022 was its growing role in the solar market. The company has increased the number of its solar energy investment projects, such as the solar power plants in Kishunhalas and Mezőcsát. Forest-Vill's activities do not stop at borders and the company has continued to prepare for international expansion, currently mainly in the Middle East, with the support of the International Business Development Division. Last year, the division won its first contract for the renovation of substations in Kuwait. Implementation of the project is expected to start shortly.

In 2022, Forest-Vill achieved several corporate milestones, as the growth trend was reflected not only in the financial indicators, but also in the advancement of the company's asset base and the development of its expert staff. The fleet of technical equipment was expanded, since the company took over several vehicles and working machinery earlier in the year, including crane trucks, lorries, low-loader trailers and team vehicles. As a result, the company's own fleet of machinery and equipment has now reached 500. In 2022, the company increased its workforce by nearly 20 people, bringing the total number of employees to over 200. At the same time, the company moved to new headquarters in 2022. In the new building on Edison Street renewable energy takes care of cooling and heating.

“We are proud that Forest-Vill had another excellent year. Despite its young age, the company has grown dynamically in recent years, thanks to the work of our ever-expanding team of professionals. But this is just the beginning, and we want to continue on the path we have started. Forward thinking is an important part of our strategy: it helps us to be prepared, with appropriate tools and expertise to meet the challenges and opportunities of the energy market.”

- Csaba Németh, Managing Director of Forest-Vill, emphasised.

We have learned a lot from the solar power boom in Hungary, and this is just the beginning - interview with Csaba Németh on Portfolio

We've learned a lot from the solar power boom in Hungary that has been happening in the past few years. Forest-Vill went from building substations to working on the country’s largest solar power project in Mezőcsát – said Csaba Németh in an interview with Portfolio.  With the Managing Director of Forest-Vill Ltd. we also talked about the prospects for further solar power plant constructions in Hungary, the challenges they pose to the electricity system, various smart digital solutions, the shortage of skilled labor and efforts put in talent management. about it was also discussed how serious business prospects for the coming years are projected by network developments, which will be necessary because of the arrival of large foreign industrial companies in Hungary, and entering a new market in the Middle East.

The original, full interview can be read in Hungarian on

Another big boom in the energy sector could be coming soon – an interview with Csaba Németh on

The network “can’t kneel down” in the face of new challenges, but a number of tasks need to be completed in order achieve this - Csaba Németh, Managing Director of the company, which offers energy solutions to industrial companies, told He believes that we will eventually reach a point where it will not be possible to feed more renewable energy into the network, it will have to be stored, and then all the solar companies will want to get in on the next big boom - everyone will be building energy storage, even for households.

Read the full interview in Hungarian on

Forest-Vill Ltd. develops in Debrecen Industrial Park

Hungarian companies help to realize new industrial investments in the capital of Hajdú-Bihar County

Another obstacle to the development of the Southern Industrial Park of Debrecen has been removed, after the consortium of Forest-Vill Ltd. and MaxiContech Ltd. won the public procurement for the development of the electrical network of the area, which is to accommodate new production facilities. According to preliminary calculations, a total of 740 megawatts of new power demand will arise in the Southern Industrial Park in Debrecen, which will require significant investment for network development by OPUS TITÁSZ Áramhálózati Ltd., the operator of the region's electricity network. Planning work for the contract, worth around HUF 6.5 billion, has started and construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

OPUS TITÁSZ Áramhálózati Ltd. has launched a public procurement tender in Debrecen, one of the fastest developing cities in Hungary, for the planning and implementation of the electrical network development works related to the expansion of the Southern Industrial Park. A consortium formed by Forest-Vill Ltd. from Budaörs and MaxiContech Ltd. from Törökbálint beat three other bidders to win the contract.

The total value of the contract is HUF 6.5 billion. Forest-Vill will construct a new 132 kV high-voltage substation, the planning of which has already started. The work, which is expected to take until the end of 2024, will begin with landscaping, followed by the laying and connection of cables, the installation of indoor and outdoor distribution cabinets, and the implementation of fire alarm, security and access control systems. Forest-Vill will also provide the layout of the conductor rails, the track laying, cable laying and transmission line fields, and the optical telecommunications network.

“The Southern Industrial Park in Debrecen is a dynamically developing industrial zone that will become an important production centre for the Hungarian economy in the coming years. We are proud to be able to contribute with our highly experienced professionals to the development of the Industrial Park and therefore to the development of the entire region. The contract we won with MaxiContech Ltd., another Hungarian-owned company with a similar profile to Forest-Vill Ltd., is further proof of our expertise in the field of power engineering.”

- said Csaba Németh, Managing Director of Forest-Vill Ltd.

This is not the first time Forest-Vill Ltd. has worked on industrial electrical infrastructure in Debrecen. In 2019, the company worked on the 132/22 kV substation of the Southern Industrial Park, while in October 2022, OPUS TITÁSZ, the company's largest substation, was handed over as part of the the infrastructure development for the power supply of the BMW factory under construction.

BMW factory is being connected to the electricity grid in Debrecen

Power supply for new plant of premium German car brand to be provided by Hungarian experts

Forest-Vill Ltd. has completed the construction works regarding basic infrastructure development required for the electricity supply of the BMW factory which is currently under construction in Debrecen. Forest-Vill Ltd., a company that specializes in the construction of transformer stations and electricity networks, is constantly working on the development and modernization of the existing electricity network, the provision of electricity for new industrial facilities and the integration of dynamically expanding solar parks into the energy system in order to strengthen the security of supply and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

The development of the infrastructure ensuring the electricity supply of one of the largest industrial investments in Hungary, the BMW factory being built on the outskirts of Debrecen, was completed in record time, a total of 8 months by Forest-Vill Ltd. The Budaörs-based energy company won the public procurement procedure advertised by OPUS TITÁSZ Electricity Ltd. in January 2022, under which it was commissioned to carry out the expansion of the basic infrastructure required for the operation of the car factory under construction in Debrecen. The work started in February and was completed in October, with the report of completion on 15 October. By mid-November, the landscaping and grassing works were completed and commissioning works started.

Forest-Vill Ltd. has completed the installation of high-voltage equipment required for the integration of the future factory of the premium German car brand into the power grid as part of its contract worth around HUF 800 million. In addition, the company provided the complete construction of related transmission line fields and two transformers, the installation of a switch and control building and the extension of telemechanics, the construction of utility connections and an oil separation system, and the implementation of the entire architecture and electrical engineering. After installation and before commissioning, Forest-Vill carried out its own tests and measuring on the equipment. The commissioning is currently being organized and managed by OPUS TITÁSZ, with Forest-Vill providing installation assistance.

"In the fast and high-quality implementation of this prestigious project was a great help that our company covers almost the entire spectrum the field of energy construction and the fact that we were able to work in a very flexible way compared to large multinational competitors. It was also important for our team of professionals that we, while aligning with the customer's needs, actively contribute to the realization of one of Hungary's largest production investments which could play a decisive role in the economic growth of the coming years"

- said Csaba Németh, Managing Director of Forest-Vill Ltd.

Forest-Vill has experienced dynamic growth since the foundation of the company in 2015. In 2019 the company had only 33 employees while in 2021 that number was close to 200. While the company's range of services has continued to expand over the past year, Forest-Vill also had its strongest year ever in 2021 with a revenue of HUF 13.3 billion, which means an increase of nearly 40 percent compared to 2020. In addition to continuing its successful projects in Hungary, Forest-Vill is also preparing to compete on the international market, primarily in the Middle East region, where they are looking for new business opportunities, while opening a permanent office in Kuwait.

"Hungarian energy company would conquer the Middle East" – interview with Csaba Németh on Világgazdaság

Forest-Vill Ltd. plans to open an office in Kuwait, a regional centre in the Middle East, later this year - Csaba Németh, Managing Director of the company, which offers energy solutions to industrial companies, told VG.

Read the full interview on Világgazdaság here.
(Please note that the interview is in Hungarian)

Forest-Vill continues its operation in new headquarters

In August 2022, Forest-Vill moved to a new address, relocating its headquarters within Budaörs, which is located in Edison Street.

In August this year, Forest-Vill moved to a new headquarters in a modern office building at 5/C Edison Street in Budaörs. The Edison Center, which completed in 2021 and featured a modern interior design, is located in a green area of Budaörs.

The high quality technical solutions of the commercial building, with renewable energy for cooling and heating, played an important role in the decision. The company spent three years at its previous address, Puskás Tivadar Street.

Total revenue of Forest-Vill was more than 13 billion HUF in 2021

Record revenues, a growing solar market and dynamic international expansion for a major player in the Hungarian energy sector

Forest-Vill, a dynamically developing player in the Hungarian energy sector with nearly 200 employees, closed its strongest year since its establishment - the company's turnover in 2021 amounted to 13.3 billion HUF, which represents an increase of nearly 40 percent compared to the previous year. In addition to significantly increasing the revenues of its divisions, Forest-Vill has also focused on international expansion. In particular, the company strengthened its positions in the Middle East region and plans to open its own office in Kuwait.

Based on the financial statements for the 2021 financial year, Forest-Vill's revenue - beside a profit after tax of HUF 54 million - was close to HUF 13.3 billion, an increase of around 40 percent compared to the previous year. The largest share of the revenue was generated by the Industrial Services division, which contributed HUF 5 billion to the record result, among other things due to the construction of the solar park in Halmajugra.

Forest-Vill achieved a number of milestones in 2021, as the growth trend was reflected not only in the financial indicators, but also in the development of the company's workforce and machine park. The company increased its staff by more than 120 employees during the year, and now employs nearly 200 people nationwide. The technical equipment fleet also expanded, mainly in the areas of networking and industrial projects - including crane trucks, basket lifters, excavators, large industrial energy machines and diagnostic equipment. In addition, in 2021 a new ERP system was introduced at the company, which is continuously being developed and expanded.

This energy company's range of services has also continued to expand over the past year. With an increased focus on sustainability, Forest-Vill's business strategy has been driven by a broad expansion in the solar market, and accordingly the company has raised the number of solar energy projects. In addition, the International Business Development division was established to promote international expansion, currently mainly in the Middle East. During the year, the division won its first contract to renovate substations in Kuwait. Some of the division's employees are currently in the Middle East country, where they are working with a local partner to open a commercial office.

Csaba Németh, CEO of the Forest-Vill, said that the financial and professional results of the past year have confirmed that the company is on the right track towards its goals. The company does not intend to deviate from this path and has set a growth target of 30 percent for 2022, and everything is given to achieve this, the CEO added.

Significant expansion of machine park and workforce at Forest-Vill

Forest-Vill, a major player in the Hungarian energy sector, started the year with an increase in technical and human resources. The company took over new employees, machines and equipment from Sziget-Com Ltd. to support further development and expansion.

Forest-Vill has significantly expanded its asset park. The company has taken over several vehicles and equipment, including crane lorries, trucks, low-bed trailers and team vehicles from Sziget-Com Ltd., so that the company now has around 500 machines and equipment of its own.

Forest-Vill also added six new employees to its team, who joined the company from Sziget-Com Ltd., which is under liquidation. The company, which specialises in electrical work, signed five fitters and one site foreman at the beginning of 2022 to work on projects related to Forest-Vill's High Voltage Networks (NAF) business unit, providing architectural expertise. The new colleagues started work at the beginning of the year and are currently involved in a transmission line construction project linked to the industrial park in Komárom, where they are assisting in the process of building 12 kilometres of new lines.

The large-scale development is a major step forward for the company, as the expanded equipment base and the increased number of employees will allow the replacement of subcontractors, thus increasing Forest-Vill's stability in the market.

In connection with the expansion, Csaba Németh, the managing director of Forest-Vill said that the continuous increase of the pool of experts and the machine park is essential for an effective professional construction. He added that the expansion of capacity, both in terms of employees and equipment, will help the company to reduce the outsourcing of parts of projects to subcontractors, thus strengthening Forest-Vill's market position and increasing its stability and competitiveness. At the same time, the expansion also strengthens cost efficiency, as the company is less exposed to subcontractors' work when fulfilling orders, which is also a huge advantage in meeting deadlines.