"Hungarian energy company would conquer the Middle East" – interview with Csaba Németh on Világgazdaság

Forest-Vill Ltd. plans to open an office in Kuwait, a regional centre in the Middle East, later this year - Csaba Németh, Managing Director of the company, which offers energy solutions to industrial companies, told VG.

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Forest-Vill continues its operation in new headquarters

In August 2022, Forest-Vill moved to a new address, relocating its headquarters within Budaörs, which is located in Edison Street.

In August this year, Forest-Vill moved to a new headquarters in a modern office building at 5/C Edison Street in Budaörs. The Edison Center, which completed in 2021 and featured a modern interior design, is located in a green area of Budaörs.

The high quality technical solutions of the commercial building, with renewable energy for cooling and heating, played an important role in the decision. The company spent three years at its previous address, Puskás Tivadar Street.

Total revenue of Forest-Vill was more than 13 billion HUF in 2021

Record revenues, a growing solar market and dynamic international expansion for a major player in the Hungarian energy sector

Forest-Vill, a dynamically developing player in the Hungarian energy sector with nearly 200 employees, closed its strongest year since its establishment - the company's turnover in 2021 amounted to 13.3 billion HUF, which represents an increase of nearly 40 percent compared to the previous year. In addition to significantly increasing the revenues of its divisions, Forest-Vill has also focused on international expansion. In particular, the company strengthened its positions in the Middle East region and plans to open its own office in Kuwait.

Based on the financial statements for the 2021 financial year, Forest-Vill's revenue - beside a profit after tax of HUF 54 million - was close to HUF 13.3 billion, an increase of around 40 percent compared to the previous year. The largest share of the revenue was generated by the Industrial Services division, which contributed HUF 5 billion to the record result, among other things due to the construction of the solar park in Halmajugra.

Forest-Vill achieved a number of milestones in 2021, as the growth trend was reflected not only in the financial indicators, but also in the development of the company's workforce and machine park. The company increased its staff by more than 120 employees during the year, and now employs nearly 200 people nationwide. The technical equipment fleet also expanded, mainly in the areas of networking and industrial projects - including crane trucks, basket lifters, excavators, large industrial energy machines and diagnostic equipment. In addition, in 2021 a new ERP system was introduced at the company, which is continuously being developed and expanded.

This energy company's range of services has also continued to expand over the past year. With an increased focus on sustainability, Forest-Vill's business strategy has been driven by a broad expansion in the solar market, and accordingly the company has raised the number of solar energy projects. In addition, the International Business Development division was established to promote international expansion, currently mainly in the Middle East. During the year, the division won its first contract to renovate substations in Kuwait. Some of the division's employees are currently in the Middle East country, where they are working with a local partner to open a commercial office.

Csaba Németh, CEO of the Forest-Vill, said that the financial and professional results of the past year have confirmed that the company is on the right track towards its goals. The company does not intend to deviate from this path and has set a growth target of 30 percent for 2022, and everything is given to achieve this, the CEO added.

Significant expansion of machine park and workforce at Forest-Vill

Forest-Vill, a major player in the Hungarian energy sector, started the year with an increase in technical and human resources. The company took over new employees, machines and equipment from Sziget-Com Ltd. to support further development and expansion.

Forest-Vill has significantly expanded its asset park. The company has taken over several vehicles and equipment, including crane lorries, trucks, low-bed trailers and team vehicles from Sziget-Com Ltd., so that the company now has around 500 machines and equipment of its own.

Forest-Vill also added six new employees to its team, who joined the company from Sziget-Com Ltd., which is under liquidation. The company, which specialises in electrical work, signed five fitters and one site foreman at the beginning of 2022 to work on projects related to Forest-Vill's High Voltage Networks (NAF) business unit, providing architectural expertise. The new colleagues started work at the beginning of the year and are currently involved in a transmission line construction project linked to the industrial park in Komárom, where they are assisting in the process of building 12 kilometres of new lines.

The large-scale development is a major step forward for the company, as the expanded equipment base and the increased number of employees will allow the replacement of subcontractors, thus increasing Forest-Vill's stability in the market.

In connection with the expansion, Csaba Németh, the managing director of Forest-Vill said that the continuous increase of the pool of experts and the machine park is essential for an effective professional construction. He added that the expansion of capacity, both in terms of employees and equipment, will help the company to reduce the outsourcing of parts of projects to subcontractors, thus strengthening Forest-Vill's market position and increasing its stability and competitiveness. At the same time, the expansion also strengthens cost efficiency, as the company is less exposed to subcontractors' work when fulfilling orders, which is also a huge advantage in meeting deadlines.

Forest-Vill is involved in the construction of another transmission line project

Forest-Vill is participating in the replacement of the insulation and protective conductor of the 132 kV transmission line established on the Tiszalök-Nyíregyháza line.

E-ON Tiszántúli Áramhálózati Zrt., the client of the project, has entrusted Forest-Vill Kft. in connection with the Tiszalök - Nyíregyháza 132 kV transmission line project.

The order consists of two parts. On the one hand, our the company is replacing the ACIII cable type 50 mm2 conductor with an ACSR 50/30 mm2 conductor for a total length of nearly 31,000 km of track. In addition, on the 132 kV transmission line the company is replacing the chains of ES3-A porcelain insulators with composite insulators. The works involved a total of 18 tensioners and 101 supporting pieces for two substations.

Proper condition and continuous maintenance of the protective conductor is essential for transmission lines, as it performs several key functions, including lightning protection of the transmission line, reducing earthing resistance and ensuring communication between substations.

Forest-Vill participated in the construction of a 400 kV transmission line

The works related to the construction of the Sajóivánka-OH-Rimaszombat 400 kV transmission line were completed with the cooperation of Forest-Vill,

The company started the construction works on behalf of MVM Xpert Zrt. in May 2020. Forest-Vill was responsible for the construction of column basises, assembly and set of columns in the floodplain environment for the construction of the Sajóivánka-OH-Rimaszombat 400 kV transmission line.

In the course of the construction of the transmission line, which was adapted to the environmental conditions, Forest-Vill laid foundations at 24 column locations with a total volume of 3995 cubic meters. For another 28 column locations 338.2 tons of transmission line columns were assemblied and adjusted by our company.

Spotlight on the security of supply

With energy consumption in Hungary hitting record levels on several occasions this year, system security and security of supply are key to ensuring that the energy sector can meet increased consumer demand. As a dynamically growing energy contractor, Forest-Vill pays special attention to the continuous training of its professionals in order to remain competitive.

Forest-Vill joins global energy expert partnership program

Forest-Vill has signed a commitment agreement with Schneider Electric, an international leader in energy management. As a result of the cooperation, Forest-Vill has become a member of the EcoXpert Partner program, a global trademark brand registered by Schneider Electric. The partnership provides significant benefits to the member companies as well as their customers.

By launching this global initiative, which currently involves around 4,000 companies in 74 countries, Schneider Electric’s main goal was to make cooperation with its certified partners even more efficient and profitable, while bringing together recognized experts with outstanding competencies from its member companies. With the EcoXpert trademark, Schneider Electric recognizes the contribution of member companies' experts in building innovative solutions and providing services in the field of energy management, whether in aspect of control, comfort or energy efficiency.

Participation in the program is a significant contribution to the partners’ market presence, the provision of customer-oriented solutions, the development of sales and technical skills of their employees, the building of partnerships and professional growth, among other things.

The cooperation also brings numerous benefits to the customers of member companies: it provides core competencies validated and supported by a global program, a full range of integrated solutions, and a level of reliability and expertise, where high-quality customer service is a priority.

“We are extremely proud to have been included in Schneider Electric’s partner program. I believe that being part of the EcoXpert program not only offers additional opportunities, but is also a professional recognition and strengthening Forest-Vill's position in the market.” – said József Tóth, Director of Industrial Services of Forest-Vill Ltd. in connection with the program.

Forest-Vill participated in the construction of substation

The Forest-Vill Ltd. played a key role in the construction of the newly established substation. The company, founded in 2015, did not stop working during the epidemic period either, as the energy sector demands the system security even in the most difficult times.

Forest-Vill participated in the construction of the newly built 400/132 kV Buj MAVIR substation, the company completed the primary installation of the complete 132 kV open space. In connection with the large-scale project, the company installed 400 meters of pipe rail and 3,600 meters of wire and was responsible for putting 66 different 132 kV devices on the base.

One of Forest-Vill's key strategic goals is the gradual expansion of the organization, as a result of which the company has a significant staff now. Thanks to its skilled workforce, the Forest-Vill Ltd. has successfully accomplished the challenge of constructing the substation.

Forest-Vill Ltd. participates in the construction of a 132 kV transmission line

From June 2021 the company will be involved in the construction of a 132 kV transmission line, which will be built as part of the Gyermely substation.

Forest-Vill Ltd. is responsible for the construction of the “T” connection of the Bicske-Dél-Dorog 132 kV transmission line as part of the Gyermely 132/22 kV substation under construction.

In the course of the ongoing project, the company will build 12 supportig pillars and 3 tension pillars from the two-system OROSZLÁNY-E pillar family on the line to be established. Forest-Vill Ltd. also places 4 saker falcon nest boxes on the colonnade, which primarily promote the ecesis of falcons. The two-system transmission line will be equipped with one system during construction and Forest-Vill will use a composite insulator chain and an ACSR 250/40 mm2 phase conductor.

Our Company’s Image Has Been Renewed

The entire image of Forest-Vill Kft. has been renewed, within the framework of which our company updated its website as well. The last five years have been about dynamic growth for our company, which we have ensured by continuously adapting to changing needs, combining reliability and innovation in energy construction.

Thereby, our growth path has remained unbroken since the establishment of the company, thanks to which Forest-Vill Kft. is now among the leading companies in the energy market. Accordingly, we have updated the entire image of our company: the company has received a new logo that reflects our activities and innovativeness.

The renewed website has a professional, clean design, and puts an even greater emphasis on presenting the values of Forest-Vill Kft. The new website is user-friendly, informative, and provides many opportunities to learn about the company’s activities for those interested.